Wikimedia data visualisations

What is this?

This is a collection of visualisations and tools for exploring Wikimedia data - data about readers and editors both. It contains everything from browser choices to reader geographic distribution: a full list of applications and visualisations can be seen to the right. The idea is for this to serve as a hub for researcher-built dives into particular aspects of our sites. We hope that community members and researchers will find both the exploratory tools, and the underlying datasets we are releasing, useful.

What do I do if I have ideas for future projects?

We're always happy to hear new ideas!

Who built it and how?

This project was built by Oliver Keyes on top of RStudio's Shiny platform. Individual tools have also benefited from the feedback, assistance and copyediting provided by (in no particular order) Margret Wander, Scott Hale, Aaron Halfaker, Amber Bole, Michelle Paulson, Claire Hopkins, Dario Taraborelli, Leila Zia, Han-Teng Liao, Andrew Otto, Fluffernutter, Heather Ford, Shilad Sen and others.


Where in the World is Wikimedia?
An exploration of which countries Wikimedia pageviews come from, split out by project.
Agents of W.I.K.I.M.E.D.I.A.
The most prominent user agents to hit Wikimedia properties - readers, editors, mobile, desktop, we have it all!